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6Week 6Pack Gym workout

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***THIS IS A GYM WORKOUT BOOK***This ebook is for the psycho who wants a six-pack fast.It will require at least one hour, 6 days a week, for just 6 weeks of pure abs.  
If you think you don't have the genetics,
or you're eating at a deficit to lean out which makes it hard to get gains,
or you want a thicker more noticeable six-pack,
my techniques will force your abs to transform dramatically and quickly.

6 effective workouts that were created to not "tone abs" but to build a 3-D poppin' six-pack.I used these exercises and hacks the final 6 weeks of the 12 week transformation contest
and won $80,000 a couple years ago.

Despite eating less and less vegan food as I got closer to the end of my transformation,
I got a six-pack for the first time in my life. If a weenie like me who could only squat 70 lbs
and deadlift 110 lbs could beef up my abs, you can too.

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