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Bubblier Bands (aka "BFR Bands")

$60.00 USD


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Strongest and cutest occlusion bands in the market. 

They are simply the best: we are using the strongest Velcro, we used a soft elastic fabric for comfort and no digging into the skin, we completely customized the colors with many of the best manufacturers to make sure you look hot using this must have booty growing accessory! You’ll strap it on within seconds and love using it.

Designs: Rainbow, Leopard, possibly a third! 

Fits Petite Bunnie - Fluffy Bunnie! 

These are the most comfortable and fastest way to perform occlusion training. Even pressure all around the thigh. We have taken over a year to customize these occlusion bands. 

Occlusion bands (aka "BFR" Blood Flow Restriction Bands) quickly transformed the shape of my glutes. They look much rounder and fuller. It heightened my mind-muscle connection, I began to really feel the muscles squeezing and stretching, and if I didn’t feel it intensely where I should feel it, I would adjust my form until I could. 

These help me activate glutes quicker, meaning shorter warm up sessions! And I got amazing progress despite not lifting insanely heavy. I use them in every booty workout and I am obsessed. I hope you love them as much as I do. 

Bunniebands were made to help my bunnies get results! They are meant to get your booty look POPPIN and to get BUBBLIER without lifting insanely heavy weights. If you follow my instructions, you will love the results. 

DO NOT USE if you have high blood pressure or diabetes. There may be other contraindications to to using this product. Please ask your doctor if it is safe for you to use. Please discontinue use if you experience: bruising, tingling, numbness, pain  

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